El Salvador Premium Roast

Flavor notes: extremely balanced coffee bean chocolate & macadamia, with a fruit finish

$10 per 6 oz jar. 

Guatemala Premium Roast

Flavor notes: rich chocolatey flavor and a toffee-like sweetness

$10 per 6 oz jar. 

Smitty's Deluxe Blend

Flavor notes: a combination of his two favorite beans with flavor notes of fruit, nuts & chocolate

$12 per 6 oz jar. 

Smitty & Angelette's
Deluxe Blend

Flavor notes: a match made in coffee heaven with a blend of a El Salvador & Papua New Guinea with flavor notes of fruit, dark chocolate, nuts & herbs.

$12 per 6 oz jar. 

Whiskey Barrel Aged El Salvador Specialty Coffee Bean

Flavor notes: a extremely balanced coffee bean that offer a wonderful chocolate flavor that couples well with the nuttiness of the macadamia with a whiskey finish.

$14 per 6 oz jar.